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Pilates exercise is ideal for everyone from young adults to aging baby boomers, to pre- and post-natal clients, rehab patients, and elite athletes. We offer private lessons and group classes in a beautiful, fun environment. Schedule your appointment now.

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DeLand Pilates is a first-rate Pilates studio offering both private lessons and group classes. Sometimes you need one-on-one instruction and sometimes you need to sweat with your friends.

Situated in an ideal location on “The Boulevard” in downtown DeLand, parking is a breeze and the traffic is never bad!

About Us

What is Pilates?

Pilates on the Mat

A fun class for all levels emphasizing improving flexibility and core strength. Props such as stability balls, toning balls, and bands may be used to increase the challenge.

Pure Reformer

Great for beginners or those wanting to perfect basic skills. The emphasis in this moderately paced class is on a full body workout. You’ll leave feeling fit, toned, and strong.

Cardio Sculpt

An energizing intermediate/advanced level class where we attach a trampoline or jumpboard to the reformer and get the heart rate up and calories burned.


A challenging, calorie-burning workout using the TRX Suspension Trainer. Strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability are all worked simultaneously in body weight exercises.

Stability Chair

A full body resistance training workout that requires core stabilization due to the smaller base of support. Stability, flexibility and balance are challenged in this athletic class.

Schedule and Rates

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* Monthly Unlimited includes all Mat, TRX, Reformer, and Chair classes on the schedule. Limit 1 per day.




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“The Best Thing to Happen to DeLand!”

“Missy is a seasoned instructor who provides challenging and mindful classes. She’s made me fall in love with exercising again. I will happily continue to be a supportive & active member of this studio. I encourage everyone to give it a try, you won’t regret it!”

Kaitlyn V.

“Expert Insight”

“I started Pilates in response to the challenging symptoms and side effects of young onset Parkinson’s. Over two years later I have a toolbox full of exercises, a much better understanding of the mechanics of my body, and a great friend.”

Robert D.

“Knowlege, Skill, and Professionalism”

“I started Pilates with Missy almost 2 years ago after Bariatric Surgery.  She is so knowledgeable and understands your body and your recovery.”

Gregg M. 

“Customized Exercises”

“Missy has been my Pilates instructor for four years.  She is knowledgeable and dedicated and holds herself and her clients to very high standards.  She is very attentive and strives to customize the exercises to address the clients’ specific issues.”

Chandana C.